Holly Gundolfi

Storytelling, dance and art

Award winning educator and artist Holly Gundolfi is a pioneer in bringing creative arts to education.  Holly inspires enthusiasm for her subjects and communicates with passion and humor.

If you don’t know the trees you may be lost in the forest,but if you don’t know the stories you may be lost in life. —Siberian Elder

Holly Gundolfi storyteller extraordinaire in San Francisco and WashingtonJoyful, magical, creepy, tender, and awe-inspiring stories can touch the heart and make any occasion a vivid shared memory. With active listening, our imaginations soar!

Awarded in 1992 by the City of Danbury, CT for multi-culturalism in the arts and by Amnesty International in 1998 as a human rights defender through the encouragement of self expression utilizing the creative arts, Holly has been considered a pioneer in the field of education, bringing the creative arts to a wide audience.

Holly tells folk tales from across the world, as well as personal and original stories. She brings musicality and audience participation to her lively performances which may include singing, drum circles and dance. Her seasonal stories for times like Halloween, harvest, and winter solstice highlight the special mysteries intrinsic in nature.

Holly Gundolfi storyteller of many hats Holly's vast repertoire of stories from other lands such as Hawaii, West Africa, Mexico, China and many more, often introduce foreign language through repeated vocabulary and song. As the audience learns about the differences we have with people around the world, we can also celebrate in the similarities we share!

She has performed, taught and facilitated workshops in a variety of settings from birthday parties, schools, recreation centers, nature centers, and festivals, and produced her own cable television show with her drama students, In Our Own Voices, featuring their original stories. She is a member of SPIN (Storytelling Project In Nucleus) and LANES (League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling).

Click below for an example of a trickster tale from Mexico appropriate for almost any age:

Why Coyote Howls at the Moon