Holly Gundolfi

Storytelling, dance and art

Award winning educator and artist Holly Gundolfi is a pioneer in bringing creative arts to education.  Holly inspires enthusiasm for her subjects and communicates with passion and humor.

The body says what words cannot.- Martha Graham- George Balanchine


Holly is a dance teacher for preschool through adult, specializing in creative movement, beginning ballet, tap, modern dance improvisation and musical theater as well as ethnic and folk dances. She offers weekly classes in a variety of settings as well as workshops for church groups, scouts, festivals and school residencies.

Holly makes dance an enjoyable and educational activity for all levels but is especially gentle with beginners. Generations of children in the area had Holly as their first dance teacher. She is sensitive to the needs of the young child and is always age appropriate in her material and teaching.

In her ballet classes, she practices the Checcetti technique. She fosters confidence, grace and poise and creates a safe environment for her students as they gain skills, express their musicality and interact with others to dance joyfully together.

Holly's international repertoire includes hula dances, African, as well as many popular circle and line dances from all over the world. Her instruction may include singing and rhythm games, as well as other cultural insights, to bring the origins of the dances and the people to life. She has been a choreographer for school plays and theater, has danced in historical dance troupes and has been a consultant for costuming.