Holly Gundolfi

Storytelling, dance and art

Award winning educator and artist Holly Gundolfi is a pioneer in bringing creative arts to education.  Holly inspires enthusiasm for her subjects and communicates with passion and humor.

May, queen of blossoms, And fulfilling flowers, With what pretty music Shall we charm the hours? Wilt thou have pipe and reed, Blown in the open mead? Or to the lute give heed In the green bowers.  

- Lord Edward Thurlow

With bells and hankies, mummers, dance and song, Morris dancers have brought delight and awe to the mystery  of the  changing seasons for centuries.  As a member of the Mianus River Morris Dance team Holly performed traditional dances of England and is available to bring this living tradition to celebrate in schools, churches, libraries, and nature centers.

Having a spirited Maypole dance is the perfect way to celebrate May Day and the changing seasons. Stemming from Western Europe, including England, Basque Country, Finland, Sweden, Galicia, Portugal and Germany, this traditional dance can consist of both a circle dance with Morris dancers and a ribbon dance with everyone involved. In the ribbon dance, participants weave back and forth to the music, getting closer and closer, until they have created a beautifully decorated pole. Fun and easy for all ages!