Holly Gundolfi

Storytelling, dance and art

Award winning educator and artist Holly Gundolfi is a pioneer in bringing creative arts to education.  Holly inspires enthusiasm for her subjects and communicates with passion and humor.

Find the line, find the shape, through the grainFind the outline, things will tell you their name   - Suzanne Vega


Practice is the discipline of repetition and regularity of pursuit whether dance, yoga, piano or drawing. One improves and evolves with time. Inspiration is everywhere when you see the world with artistic eyes. I have always maintained my own practice. At this point in time my love of line as previously shown through contour line drawings has evolved into cutting and the line becomes the outline revealing shape and form.

Holly attended the Vesper George School of Art in Boston, Massachusetts. She specializes in illustration, paper-cutting, and mixed media. Below are some examples of her work. Please feel free to contact her for more samples or a portfolio.

paper cuts 2-Display from Holly Gundolfi on Vimeo.

Seasonal chalkboard drawings from Holly's class at the Greenwood Tree school.

Seasonal Chalkboard Drawings from Holly Gundolfi on Vimeo.

Holly has had several 1-person art shows in the past, including:

 SEEART October 2010 cyber art show Headless Ballerinas and Things That GoBump in the Night- a Halloween inspired show featuring original papercuts

Hooker Dunham Theater Gallery (Brattleboro VT) December 2006 Deck the Halls

Dr Java’s (Bethel CT) October 1997 Symmetry

Seattle Espresso (Danbury CT) 5 shows from 1993-96 including painting murals

The Boone Dog (Brewster NY) 1993  It’s A February Art Show

Juried and non-juried group shows:

Stanley L. Richter Association for the Arts (Danbury CT)

Pratt Nature Center (New Milford CT)

Watertown CT Library